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Pirate England x Reader Chap. 2


Ready for some more pirate adventures, lassies and lads?
Here you go, enjoy!
Arthur felt his eyes widen with panic, 'PRINCE!? You mean that guy I just punched and stole his clothes was...was Prince Williams!?' Arthur snapped out of confusion and tried to explain to the valet. "No, no, I'm not who you think I am, I'm actually-" The valet gently pulled his master to the carriage. "Come, my Highness, we must be going now! We're on a tight schedule!"

Arthur looked around and saw people were now bowing down to him, 'Not good! This is not good!' Arthur thought in a panic. He tried to get the valet's attention, but the valet gripped Arthur's wrist tighter. "Really, sir! What has gotten into you?! We must get going this instant!"

"NO, NO, YOU DON'T UNDERSTAND-" He was cut off by the valet. "Please, your highness, this is getting absolutely ridiculous. You're behaving like a child!"  Arthur was into the carriage and was headed towards _(l/n)_ manor.

Arthur placed his hand on his forehead, trying to calm himself down. 'Come on, Arthur! Pull yourself together! It's only for the day, right? Now, since I'm courting some girl, I can just use my charming ways to woo her, spend the night and leave before the sun rises.' Arthur nodded, thinking more about his plan.

The valet seated in front of him, started to explain the schedule for today. "You are going to meet with the daughter of the _(l/n)_ family. May I remind you, sir, you are looking for a suitable bride. I pray that Miss _(l/n)_ is the one for you." He started to list things that Arthur should do.

Of course, although, Arthur was a pirate, he was also a gentleman, so he ignored the valet's instructions and starting thinking.

'_(l/n)_ family, huh? I believe the father is the great general...the general of the whole bloody navy, in fact! Maybe, I can take the time to take a few things from their house? They must have some valuables worth more than I can steal in a year!' Consciously, Arthur checked to see if the satchel was still there. The valet noticed this...and his sword.

"Sir? I don't recall, you ever having those on our journey." Arthur froze, taking the time to choose his words, carefully. "No...actually, I did pack these, guess I forgot to tell you! I just thought, I might practice my swordsmanship during our way here, is that fine?"

The valet blinked in confusion. "Sir, I've never realize you were skilled in that particular art. I thought you were in having someone else do that type of job for you." Now it was the pirate's turn to look with confusion. 'what kind of prince doesn't know how to fight for himself?!'

He tossed the last thought aside, knowing he should just focus on his plan. Woo the lady, 'borrow' some things, get out of there and Arthur will be on his ship, heading to Paradise Island, as Captain once more. Everything will be the same as it was, with no worries, but only richer than ever.

He smiled to himself,

maybe this isn't a bad idea after all...

You came back from your early morning ride, and still was angry with your Mother trying to marry you off to some random guy that is visiting the kingdom. You remember how it was a routine to be seated next to the suitor at every meal. You can't forget the last suitor.

He kept staring at you and kept going on and on, with what he can give you, if you marry him. You tried to keep a poker face but had to excuse yourself from the table, because the suitor started to lick his spoon in a...sexual manner.

Every suitor was the same. You admit some were very handsome, however all of them were only interested in money, land, your beauty and how good you'll be in bed. (disgusting, right?)You led Snowfire into her stall and got fresh water for her. Snowfire was drinking deeply, while you were brushing her pure-white fur.

'Honestly, I just want to go on a day with someone I am curious about! Someone who I chose to be courted by. Not planned, and without a schedule to follow. I want someone who wants to know more about me too! Is that too much to ask?!' You bitterly thought.

Your whole life, you've stayed within the kingdom's walls, always dreaming what's it like outside, in the world. The only comfort you had in knowing what was going on in the world was your father's stories and the vast number of books you have in the house's library.

Everyday, ever since, you've turned 10 years old, your mother prepared you to be a loving wife and mother. It wasn't that bad at first, until your mother started to bring men by the dozen to ask for your hand. And that was when you were 15 years old!

Everyday seemed like a routine. Your maids preparing you to be courted by the next suitor in line. It was most annoying when the suitors get way out of hand, when it came to buying your love. Roses in your room EVERY NIGHT, gifts of jewelry, chocolates...and the endless promises, suitors never intend to keep!

You sighed aloud, and stopped brushing your horse. The only comfort you get nowadays was your daily rides, playing chess with your father, reading and sometimes playing the piano. You laugh bitterly, when you remember the remark your mother made during the argument.

"Marriage first and then love will come in later!"

Really, what's the point in doing that for the first place! You put away the brush and removed the saddle off of Snowfire. After putting the items away, you sat on the stone floor, against the stable walls, bringing your knees to your chest.

'I...I just can't do it anymore...I'm tired too, Mother! I'm tired of having to deal with the same types of men, who just wants me because of my beauty. Men just wants me, because they want the money...I doubt there's a man who wouldn't toss me away if I'm not rich anymore or if I'm not beautiful for their liking...'

You felt tears in your eyes, but you angrily wiped them away with your sleeve. You leaned her head on your arms, sniffling once in a while.

You stayed that way for the longest time, your horse's head raised above the stall door. Your horse neighed quietly, when you heard a carriage coming in. You wiped the tears from your face and stayed hidden and kept quiet. You heard two men talking to each other. "Sir, may I take the satchel, I'll make sure it will be in the room you are sleeping in."

'Lovely, Mother must have prepared a room for the prince. Most likely next to my room...' you bitterly thought. You listen more intently. "No, that won't be necessary. I...I don't mean to be rude, but I don't want anyone touching my satchel at any times. Is that understood?"

You couldn't help but noticed how the prince sounded like a captain. 'Perhaps he served in the Navy, like Father?' "Of course, your highness. But, I think it's most critical for you to give me I can bring it to your room." "Why on earth would I do that?!" The prince asked irritably. "Sir, some may take offense for you, bringing a weapon, when you are courting a lady's hand."

You heard a sigh and something being removed. "Here, I'm getting out. I feel like I'm stuck in a box." You kept silent when you heard two pairs of footsteps against the stoned floor. One went outside, the other stopped suddenly. You tensed up when footsteps got closer to the stall, you put a hand over your mouth, stifling any sounds you might make.

Snowfire began to be restless as the stranger came closer. She pawed at the floor, snorting. You leaned against the wall, wishing to disappear, vanish from sight. Snowfire then started to snort and jump slightly. "Easy there, love!" Snowfire neighed loudly as the stranger's hand started to come near her. "Whoa, easy, easy!" You looked up to see a hand attempting to pet the nuzzle of the white horse.

However, the horse was having none of that, so she reared on her hind legs and neighed loudly, her neighs terrorizing. Her eyes were frightened, fixed on the man. She snapped at the man's hand, not intending to bite the fingers off, but rather to warn him of her discomfort. You saw how the man's hand went away, and heard the man sigh out loud. "Sorry. Didn't mean to alarm you. I'll just go now." Your eyes widen at the sound of footsteps walking away. You waited for a few more minutes, before standing up.

Snowfire, still a little jumpy, went and nuzzled against your cheek. You laughed and ran your hand against the soft muzzle. "Gave you quite a scare, huh?" The horse shook her head and thrust her nose towards you.

You sighed, preparing for the pushing and annoying hints from your mother, when it came to behaving for the prince. Walking out of Snowfire's stall, you petted her one last time. "Night, Snow. See you tomorrow." You left the stalls and walked, unwillingly, towards the mansion.  

Judging from what you've heard, you wondered why a prince would bring a sword on him. Yes, suitors from your past often brought weapons, most of the time to impress you, but they would never intend to show it when meeting you for the first time! (First impressions are important, am I right?)Puzzled by this, you continued to go around the house, knowing not to show up at the front door with the guest.

You immediately came into the cellar, walked up the stairs to the kitchen. You were greeted by the servants. You said a cheery hello and went up the stairs, your valor boy following you.

Funny, Tobey, a 10-year old who's a messenger for you, is your friend. You know that he has the HUGEST crush on you. You were nice to him and you didn't mind him at all. "Where were you, ______!? Everyone's been so worried! Your mother kept making me look everywhere for you!" He said with a pout on his face. You kept jogging, but looked over your shoulder, sympathetic. "Sorry, Tobey. Didn't mean to cause you too much trouble!" The boy kept up with you, shaking his heads. "No worries!"

You nodded and went straight to your bedroom. Your mother sitting on the bed. She looked up when you entered. You came in and stopped. Tobey stopped at your door, and closed the door silently. Your mother sighed, muttering how you looked. "What am I going to do with you, _____?" She came up to you and started to help remove the dirty material.

You turned as she unbuttoned the blouse. You blushed and wrapped your arms around your exposed chest. Your mother whispered in your ear. "You know what you have to do..." You sighed irritably, every time a suitor comes, you have to wear that damn corset, no exceptions.

You gripped the side of the wooden pole. You've felt the many marks left by your fingernails. You breathed out and gripped the pole. Nodding to your mother, she began to tighten the corset.

Hissing in pain as your ribs were in pain, your lungs being crushed. "I-I think that's enough, M-Mother..." She stopped and tied a simple knot. She turned you around, inspecting you. She held your chin up, "Please try...I know it may not seem fair for you, but you're turning 18 in a week." You nodded half heartily. Your mother sighed with relief. She pecked you on the cheek. "My little star all grown up..." She smiled at you and left.

Sighing, you painfully moved towards the dress you had to wear.

You walked outside and was greeted by Tobey. He looked at you and complimented how you look. "You look pretty, ______!" You smiled sadly, ruffling the boy's hair. "Thanks, Tobey..." He nodded and gave you a reassuring hug. "Tobey...Tobey...Corset...wearing a corset..." You said in pants. He quickly stopped and looked down in embarrassment. "Sorry, ____." You recovered and patted him.

"come on, our guests is waiting for us." Tobey nodded and led the way to the living room.

You paused at the door, as a rule, the lady must wait for a minute, before entering a room. Tobey gripped the door handle, waiting to open it.

...58,59, 60 The door opened, while you took the first step, you couldn't help but think,

Here, we go again...
So what do you guys think?

You don't like the whole suitor business, (I know I wouldn't...REBEL REBEL!!!!) and it seems Arthur has a plan in motion. You're not expecting for the prince to be different from the other suitors. You have an awesome horse, Snowfire and a friend who has a crush on you!

For chapter 3, you will meet Arthur.

Wonder what will happens? Read next time for Pirate x England x Reader: TO BE OR NOT TO BE, THAT IS THE QUESTION!
Plot belongs to me.

England belongs to Hidekaz Himaruya :iconhimaruyaplz:
You don't belong to me, but you belong to this*drools* :iconenglandplz:

Chapter 1: [link]
Chapter 2: You're reading it, and hopefully enjoying it~!

Chapter 3: [link]
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