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Pirate England x Reader


"Mother!" You dropped the fork you were holding as you faced your un-amused mother. "Y-you did what!?" Your mother shook her head, "Look, he's a prince! And he's arriving soon to seek a suitable bride. So your father and I send word to let him spend some time with you." You stood up from your seat in alarm. "Bu-but I'm, we are not even royalty, we're just, just-" Your mother sighed in exasperation, "Yes, I know, we're rich, but still, ____, get your head out of the clouds! Honestly! You are turning 18 years old this summer and you're behaving like a child. This is the 200th time you are being courted! You didn't even gave the others a chance!"

You shook your head in anger, making your voice quieter for the neighbors would be able to hear you and spread gossip in the kingdom. "They weren't at all, the one for me! They, were just in love with my beauty- oh don't you remember last time! He kept flirting with me, non stop! Why are we even doing arranged marriage!!? Why can't you let me go out and see the world!?"

Your mother harrumphed. "You know we can't do that, _____. To think you rather go out and see things, ladies shouldn't see at all! We are the _(l/n)_ family. And your father is the great _(l/n)_ general of the entire navy! We're doing this for you, darling!"

You glared at her and sighed, "No, no, you're not! I want to see what's going on out there! Not just reading from some books and listening to father's stories at sea. Father!" Your father choke on his coffee, hearing his daughter bringing him into the argument. "You can't just let mother do this! I don't want to see him! I don't care if he is the prince or not, I'm not going to get marry to any suitor! I don't think I even want to get married!" Your mother gasped in anger. "_(f/n)_ _(l/n)_, you are going to get marry whether you like it or not. Don't give me that 'seeing the world thing!'"    

Your father looked between you and his wife. You two were currently having a death glare battle, when he decided to break it off. "I'm sorry, love, but your mother and I are just trying to do what's best for you. Just think of it like this way, your mother and I were in an arranged marriage..." He trailed off.

Your mother agreed heartily, "And look at us now, it wasn't the best times in the first few years of our marriage but it got better. Marriage first, then love will come later!"

You shook your head in disbelief, you left the table, ignoring the calls from your mother. "I'm going to outside." You said emotionlessly.

Once outside, you went to the horse stall, your family owns an impressive amount of land, and raises the finest breeds of horses the kingdom has to offer.

You went to the last stall, where your horse, Snowfire, was currently eating hay. She heard the familiar footsteps of her master and neigh softly. You smiled sadly and nuzzled against her snout. "Honestly, Snow, I don't understand why mother and father can't see I don't want to be in an arranged marriage. It's stupid, completely pointless!"

The horse push her nose towards you with affection, but then it seemed to be looking for something. She sniffed curiously at your pockets, making you giggled. "Oh, I see. Looking for something, hmm?" You reached into your pocket and pulled an object out. Holding out a pure red, firm apple. "Swiped this from the kitchen for you!" The horse neighed with happiness, and ate the treat, from your hand.

You went inside Snowfire's stall and put on the harness and saddle. You led her out into the open, "Come on, Snow, let's go. I don't want to be married to some guy I've just met. That's seems wrong and I want...I want to find someone who loves me for who I am on the inside, not on the outside." You sighed and got on Snowfire. "Like that will ever happen!" you muttered. Wanting a break from the early morning argument, you rode around the kingdom.


Arthur ran from the guards, putting the satchel securely on him. He looked behind his shoulder. The captain of the guards saw him and yelled for his men to get him. Arthur smiled with excitement. He ran once more and hid in a dark corner. Arthur checked to see if he was safe for now. He took note where to run when the guards find him. Arthur looked down at his outfit. He cursed himself for not taking his crew's advice to change his pirate outfit into a more reasonable fashion. He looked around the corner and suddenly felt someone grabbed his wrist.

Immediately, he remove his sword from its sheath and held the blade against the culprit's throat. He blinked in surprise, when he realize it was a old woman, a gypsy, in fact. She laughed heartily. "For a pirate, you've got some nerve, hurting an innocent, old lady!" Her voice crackled with amusement.

Arthur put his sword away and scoffed in disgust. "Stop with your muttering, old wrench, I'm just passing through." Arthur looked again around the corner. The gypsy laughed but stopped as a siege of wheezing coughs took over her. Arthur glanced over his shoulder and rolled his eyes.

'At least cover your infested mouth!' The gypsy recovered and beckoned Arthur to come. "Would you like me to reveal your future?!" She asked, happily. Arthur rolled his eyes once more, "Enough with your games, old woman!"

The mysterious old woman took no notice of the captain's rudeness. "Y'know, keep that attitude up and I might scream to the world where you are, right here, right now."

Arthur narrowed his eyes and removed his sword, pointing it to the old lady. "You. Wouldn't. Dare. Besides, you're up against a pirate." The gypsy waved her hand, and a table with a bag and fortune-telling cards appeared out of nowhere. Arthur jumped back, realizing that he was no longer in a alley, but in the woman's tent.

"And you're up against me, Arthur it?" She tilted her head and started to shuffle the cards. "It amuses me greatly, how a famous pirate like yourself is doing here in a place like this..." She gestured to the seat in front of the table. "Please, sit and listen as I tell ye future, my boy. We all want to know our fortune!" Arthur crossed his arms and scoffed. "And let you trick me out of my money?"

The woman shook her head, "No free of know, that necklace is worth a lot. Steal it from the kingdom's palace, didn't you, eh?" The captain blinked in surprise. "How do you know that?" he demanded, sitting down abruptly on the stool in front of her.

The gypsy grinned and gave him the pack of cards to shuffle. She had him cut them, three times, before snatching them back again in her crabbed, witchlike fingers. She started to turn the tattered cards.

Arthur watched as he saw a card that showed a man and a woman holding hands. "What can you see?" asked Arthur, warming to the game. "Love...seems to've got romance in your future!" She winked suggestively to him. "Lucky lady, she is!" Arthur scoffed, the number of ladies he would pick up in his years were just entertainment for his crew. 'I have only time for fulfilling my lust. But absolutely no time when it comes to love.'

The gypsy looked at him. "I wouldn't say such horrible things like that, if I were you!" Arthur frowned at the woman's weirdness. 'How in blazes did she know what I was thinking?' The woman shrugged. "Don't know, all I know is that your thoughts are loud and annoying. Sounds like an old man complaining too much!" Arthur growled in warning.

The gypsy turned to the second card. She muttered to herself as she waved her hands over it and sucked in her breath. She had just turned over a card that showed a stone tower being struck by lightning. Arthur leaned in closer. "What the bloody hell..?" He looked up to her. "Destruction," answered the crone, "and great warfare. News comes of war, boy." she said, turning the other card.

Arthur paid attention to the final card. "The Lionheart, lovely picture is it, eh?" she showed him a picture of a lion, killing another one of its kind. Arthur gave her a WTF face. "It will take a true hero to end the suffering that will grip us all. Only one with true courage and love in his heart may do it." the gypsy translated.

The captain sighed out loud, rolling his eyes. "And what does that supposed to mean?" The gypsy shrugged. "How the hell should I know? These cards are a bit out dated, after all." Arthur frowned. "THEN WHAT THE BLOODY HELL DID YOU BRING ME IN HERE FOR!!!!" He stood up, flailing his arms. The gypsy cackled out loud and snapped her fingers. Everything was gone, including the woman herself. Arthur looked around, wondering what sort of magic was this.

"Heed my words, Arthur Kirkland, your future has quite the adventure in store for you..." Her voice echoed in the alley.

Arthur looked around in confusion. "QUICK THERE HE IS, GET HIM!" Arthur looked behind and snapped out of his thoughts. He started to run in the escape route. Dodging through the market place was hard enough. He got to another alley, when he bumped into a man. "OY, watch where you're going, you idiot!" Arthur glared at the man, the man glaring daggers at him. The man took notice of Arthur's clothes. "A-a p-pirate!" he whispered. Arthur took the chance and punched him, knocking him unconscious.

The market place was so busy that no one saw what happen, plus the guards lost location of where the pirate was. Arthur knew this fact as he dragged the man behind an empty stall. He started to take off his clothes, replacing it with the man's clothes. 'Perfect fit! And quite comfortable, too!' Arthur disposed of his pirate clothes, promising that he'll buy a new one after selling the necklace.

Arthur tied the sword around his waist and put on the satchel. He made sure anyone wasn't watching and slyly came out, only bumping into someone else. Only this time, he recognized the figure. A palace horse...and on it was the captain of the guard. Arthur cursed mentally. He focused once the captain started asking questions. "Excuse me dear sir, we are looking for a criminal. He's about your height, same features, last seen wearing a ridiculous pirate suit...oh! and was carrying a satchel, similar to yours."

"I'm sorry, I haven't seen this pirate, you speak of. I'll make sure to keep an eye out for him, captain, sir." Arthur bowed. The captain nodded and rode off. Arthur looked up and scowled after the figure. "To think! Me addressing to another scum bag, who thinks he's Captain. Huh! I'm the only true captain around here!" Arthur muttered to himself. He started to walk away, towards his ship, when he was felt someone tapping his shoulder. He looked behind him, and was shocked to see that a man dressed like a valet was bowing respectfully to him. "My dear Prince Williams, may I suggest we should hurry to _(l/n)_ manor. We are expected there by noon, sir."

Arthur frowned with panic. 'PRINCE?'
Ooh, what adventures awaits you dearies! Especially if it's England as a bloody pirate! Hope y'all like it, this is chapter one, it popped into my mind yesterday, along with other ideas waiting to be written.

Plot belongs to me.
England belongs to Himaruya :iconhimaruyaplz:
You don't belong to me, but you belong to this sexy Brit :iconenglandplz:

Chapter 1: you're reading it, my lovely readers~!
Chapter 2: [link]
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Misamie Featured By Owner 2 days ago
This is hilarious, at my riding stables there is a shetland (really fuzzy and tiny) called Snowfire and I keep thinking of him whenever I read about the reader's horse... very awkward scene
Misamie Featured By Owner 2 days ago
Also I recommend the title Engaged, just feel like it fits, you don't have to take it thou ^^
fabiha1 Featured By Owner Feb 3, 2016
WAIT WAS I GETTING MARRIED TO MATTIE? Oh well I got no problem with that XD
Hinatathebloom1 Featured By Owner Jul 15, 2015
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Everything makes sense now.
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I smell a....Canadian,maybe?
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funnygirl89 Featured By Owner Jul 16, 2013  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
'We're looking for a criminal, he's about your height and has the same face, and has that same satchel as you. Have you seen him?'
England: um..nope
'Okay, mabey he went the other way'
Me: ....bloody predictable wanker XD
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Algebra246 Featured By Owner Jun 4, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
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kittykatrocks12 Featured By Owner Jun 4, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Oh cool whats the title of the book I want to get it
Algebra246 Featured By Owner Jun 5, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
It's called Legend: The Arthurian Tarot Cards and Book. It includes the Tarot cards, themselves. You can buy this on Ebay or Amazon.

(But I've never got the card set, because my friend gave me, only the book...)
kittykatrocks12 Featured By Owner Jun 6, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Thank You So Much Im going to get some Taroh Cards
Kuromi1234 Featured By Owner Jun 2, 2013  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
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SugarAnimeKitty99 Featured By Owner Jun 1, 2013  Hobbyist
:D Hahaha, Arthur's so mean, punching a dude he just bumped into!! :squee: Well, that dude/prince, wasn't nice anyway- (I can guess!!) And I prefer Arthur anyway~ (Yep.)

:eager: Oooh, it's getting interesting!! :D
TiraMizu0 Featured By Owner Jun 1, 2013  Student Artisan Crafter
*read this, but forgot to leave a comment |D*

"To think you rather go out and see things, ladies shouldn't see at all!"

...So you're saying ladies should just be blind miss mother? Sorry, that was the statement that came to mind after reading that statement |D;;;; I understand what she meant, but the way she said it made me angry XD;;;
BlackBloodWolf554 Featured By Owner Jun 2, 2013  Hobbyist Writer
Immediately thought that too.
Reesesforce Featured By Owner Jun 1, 2013
I actually don't read these xReaders at all, but I accidentally clicked on the thumbnail and ended up enjoying it. One thing, though, "Arthur gave her a WTF face" is really informal, and doesn't fit with the rest of the writing. Other than that, good job.
5British1Kitty5 Featured By Owner Jun 1, 2013
This is so well written!!! I can't wait to read more of it!
Artisan-Garden Featured By Owner May 31, 2013  Student Digital Artist
Wonderful! Another good fanfic for me to read! I swear it's getting more difficult to find well written fanfictions
Maru-Russia Featured By Owner May 31, 2013
geez arthur quite getting in trouble before I meet you
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and once again.... i begin to follow another writer to see the delicious ending to this plot.
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