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Daddy! Germany x Mommy! Reader x Child: Sleep My Little One

Songfic: Lullaby for a Stormy Night
sang and written by Vienna Teng
Please enjoy

5:30 PM you watched as the rain, which started out as a light drizzle, was now looking like a storm. You were hoping that there wasn’t going to be a storm; you were worried about Ludwig driving home in this type of weather.

’Ludwig should be coming home soon…please drive safe…’

You were washing the dishes, while your son was playing in the living room with the dogs. You wiped your hands dry when you heard your son laughing. Smiling, you went into the living room, seeing that the small version of Ludwig pulling on the ears of the sleeping dog, Berlin. Berlin yawned, and got up. He looked at the boy, and lightly nuzzled his head to the boy’s chest. “HahaHa! Berlin!” Dieter squealed. He hugged Berlin’s head. Your smile grew wider at the cute moment.

Auster and Blackie came up to your side, begging for attention. You petted their heads, while Dieter saw that his mommy was giving attention to dogs, but not him. He ran up to you and yanked at your jeans, demanding for your attention. “Mutti, Mutti!” You knelt down and ruffled the boy’s blonde hair. “Yes?” “Play with me!” You chuckled and gave him a peck on the cheek, “Alright.” Dieter cheered and stared running away from you. “Catch me, Mutti! Catch me!” Shaking your head, you decided to wait a few seconds, giving Dieter a head start.

There was a small chase around the house. The three dogs watched closely; their master told them to protect Dieter and _____ from getting hurt. Dieter ran around the house and looked for somewhere to hide. “Dieter? I’m going to get you!” Dieter laughed softly, and went into his Mutti’s and Vatti’s closet.

“Oh, Dieter?” He heard his Mutti calling for him. Dieter covered his mouth with his hand, trying to stifle the giggles. “Hmm, I wonder where mein Liebling is?” You smiled as you heard some giggles in your closet.

“Could he be under the bed?!” Dieter watched and continues giggling as his mommy looked under the bed.

*Gasps in mock surprise* “H-He’s not there!” You continued to look in various places, pretending that you had no idea where your son is. Finally, you stopped at the closet door. Smirking, you slowly opened it. “…Could he be in the closet?!”You yanked the closet door open. Dieter laughed, jumping out and tried running away from you.

You laughed and grabbed Dieter. “Mutti, you’ve found me!!” You lightly tackled him and started to tickle him. Dieter squirmed and laughed. “Mommy!” You two continued playing when you heard the opening and closing of the front door. “_____, Dieter, I’m home!”

Ludwig took his hat and slicked back his hair. He shook off his coat and boots. He was happy he was able to drive home safely. The weather was getting worse. The three dogs ran up to greet their master. Much to his dismay, they jumped on top of him, licking his face. Ludwig struggled to get up, but that’s proven to be difficult, especially with three dogs. vhat’s gotten into these dogs’ He lifted his chin, as his dogs continued greeting him. Ludwig finally got up and snapped his fingers. “HALT! SETZE EUCH! JETZT!” The dogs whined but snapped back into a sitting position.  

Dieter’s eyes brightened with excitement when he heard Vatti’s voice. “Vatti, Vatti, save me! Mommy’s t-tickling me!” Ludwig followed the sound of the laughter in ____’s and his bedroom. He stopped in the doorway, and smiled (he’s actually smiling!!!) at the scene. You were crouched down next to Dieter, tickling him to death. Dieter’s blue eyes were closed, as he tried to escape from you. “Vatti, save me!” You laughed at your son’s cuteness.

You decided to stop and allowed Dieter to jump up and run to his father.
“Vatti” Dieter jumped into his father’s arm. Ludwig caught him and spun him around. Ludwig listened to his son who was telling him his day. You got up and approached your family. Ludwig shifted Dieter to the side and smiled at you. “Guten Abend, Schatze!” You said, wrapping your arms around his waist.

God how he loved you when you spoke in his native language! He chuckled and gave you a quick peck on your cheek. Dieter, feeling left out, nuzzled in between you two. You smiled happily at your bundle of joy. After a few more minutes, Dieter wanted to go down, so he jumped out of Ludwig’s arms and went to the living room to play with the dogs.
Ludwig watched at the mini version of himself walked away, giving some alone time with you.

“Ludwig?!I’ve missed you, Ludwig. How was your day?” Ludwig sighed, “Vell, it was zhe same as any other day.  Chaotic.” You nodded, knowing by experience, what he meant by ‘chaotic.’ “Well, I’m glad you’re home, Luddy.” He pulled you into his chest, and tilted your face upwards to his with his hand. Your lips met with (surprisingly) gentle, warm lips. He started to kiss you passionately. Although both of you wanted to stay that way forever, your brains needed oxygen, badly. Ludwig broke of the kiss first and rested
his forehead on yours.

“Ich liebe dich und Dieter sehr.” He whispered. You lightly smiled and pecked him on the lips, before replying, “Und ich liebe dich auch, und Dieter. “  Ludwig grunted in response and led you to the living room where Dieter was playing with his toys.

~After Dinner~

You were resting your head on Ludwig’s shoulder, who was reading a book. Dieter was on the floor, reading a book with the dogs. You were almost falling asleep. Ludwig glanced at you, aware of your slowed, relaxed breathing. He memorized the page of the book he was reading, and closed it. Your (e/c) eyes fluttered open, when you heard the closing of the book. You got up and stretched while yawning. Ludwig stood up and rubbed the back of his neck. Ludwig checked the time.

8:30 PM

He glanced up to see a tired Dieter, rubbing his eyes, fighting off sleep. “It’s time to go to sleep.” Dieter shook his head, muttering. “But I’m not tired…” You silently chuckled to yourself, while watching Ludwig picked Dieter up and carried him to his room. You followed close behind.

Ludwig gently placed Dieter on the bed, and stepped back for ______ to tuck Dieter in. You gave him a kiss on top of his head. “Good night, my little one.” Ludwig wrapped his arm around your waist and both of you gazed at your sleeping son. You yawned quietly, and soon your eyes felt heavy. Ludwig smiled at this and nuzzled into your neck. “Tired, aren’t you? I’m guessing Dieter kept you busy?” You fought to stay awake and nodded slowly. “…Yes, your son is quite the handful…he has the energy of Alfred…”

Ludwig chuckled and much to your surprise picked you up, bridal style. “L-ludwig!” “Shh…You’ll wake Dieter, _____,” He scolded. “Besides, I have a right to carry my vife, und especially vhen she is tired.” You stopped struggling. You allowed Ludwig to carry you across the hall, and into your guy’s bedroom. He put you down and gave you a quick kiss on the cheek.

He went downstairs to his office, to finish some paperwork. You yawned again and changed into your grey t-shirt, which went down to almost to your knees. You put on a robe and went downstairs. “Ludwig…” You said softly as you entered. He was sitting at his desk with his hair down and messy, it made him look so calm…and sexy. His baby blue eyes finally looked up at you and he set his pen down sighing. He swept back his hair and rested his eyes for a moment.

“You need a break…” Ludwig sighed and glanced at his paperwork. “…I’m fine. I only have a little bit to do.” You went to Ludwig and gave him a hug. You stepped back and looked into his eyes. “You need a break…come to bed…please?” Ludwig reluctantly nodded, for he couldn’t say no to that beautiful face of yours. You kissed him on the forehead and went back to your room.

You were halfway asleep when you felt your husband climbed into bed with you. Within seconds, you felt his arm around your waist, pulling you closer, sharing your warmth. “Guten Nacht, meine Schatze.” Soon both of you were asleep.


Ludwig wrapped his arms around ____ securely. You were curled up against him; your arms were in between you two. Everything was quiet and peaceful.

CRASH! You and Ludwig immediately woke up and jumped in your bed. Crash! The loud and startling sound of thunder rang through your ears, as you pulled the blanket tighter to your body. Lightning flashed, pouring in its blue light in the room, even though the closed curtains.

You tried turning on the lights but it seems the storm made a power outage. “Mommy!!” your door suddenly opened and Dieter ran under his parents’ bed sheets, wanting to be protected from the storm.  Berlin, Auster, and Blackie followed after Dieter with their tails down.  The dogs jumped into the bed.

Dieter climbed upward through the sheets between his parents. You wrapped a protective arm around him, trying to calm him down. “I’ll go get a flashlight!” You felt your husband’s presence leave your side.

You gently took Dieter in your arms, wrapping him in blankets and kissing his face to calm him down. Your terrified son stares up at you with his frightened blue eyes. Tears lingered around his irises, but none are spilling over.  You gently wipe away the streaks on his face. “Shh…Dieter…it’s okay…” A loud crash of thunder and lightning made him squeak in fear, and crying once more. You hear Ludwig slamming the cabinets in the kitchen, searching for the flashlight.

Berlin licked at Dieter’s tears streaked face. The other two dogs whimpered at the loud booming noise of thunder. “Hush, my darling. Hush.” Your son didn’t seem to hear you and continued crying profusely.

You nuzzled him softly, trying to stop the flow of tears. Even that seemed to have no effect. Ludwig soon came in with a flashlight. “_____! Dieter! Are you alright?!” He immediately went to your side, checking to see if you were hurt. You nodded and turned back at Dieter. You pursed your lips, trying to think of what to do to calm him down. “Ah, I have an idea.” You shifted slightly, holding your son close to your chest, where he clings onto your shirt like children would do. “I’ll sing you a lullaby. Will that make you feel better? you asked him gently.

His blue eyes looked up at you, streaming with tears. He nods slowly before burying his face in your shirt once more. You hacked through your memories, trying to remember the lullaby that your mother sang to you whenever you were afraid. “Alright. I’ll sing for you.”

Ludwig climbed into bed with you, wanting to listen to this…’lullaby.’

”Little child, be not afraid.
The rain pounds harsh against the glass like an unwanted stranger.
There is no danger. I am here tonight.”

Your voice soothed your son. He ceased whimpering, but tears still flow. A bright flash poured in the room, followed by an unsettling boom. The branches smashes against the glass.

”Little child, be not afraid.
Though thunder explodes and lighting flash,
Illuminates, your tear-stained face.
I am here tonight.”

Dieter holds on you tighter, rubbing his face into your shoulder.

”And someday you’ll know,
That nature is so,
This same rain that draws you near me,
Falls on rivers and land,
On forests and sand,
Makes the beautiful world in the morning.”

Ludwig smiled quietly at the sound of your voice. He rested his head on your shoulder.

”little child, be not afraid.
The storm clouds mask your beloved moon.
And its candlelight beams,
Still keep pleasant dreams.
I am here tonight.”

Dieter peeks over at the window and saw shadowy monsters and hides once again, terrified of the creatures cast by lightning. “M-mommy…” He whimpered.

Little child, be not afraid.
The wind makes creatures of our trees.
And the branches to hands,
They’re not real, understand.”
And I am here tonight.”

More thunder shook your house, making the dogs whimpered slightly.

”And someday you’ll know,
That nature is so,
This same rain that draws you near me,
Falls on rivers and land,
On forests and sand,
Makes the beautiful world in the morning.”

Ludwig grins and continued listening as you lull you child back to sleep. You remembered the verse your own mother sang to you.

”For you know,
Once even I was a child.
And I was afraid.
But a gentle someone always came
To dry all my tears, trade sweet sleep for fears
And give a kiss good night.”

You paused rocking back and forth, going with the rhythm of the song.

”Well now I am grown.
And these years have shown,
The rain’s a part of how life goes.
But it’s dark and it’s late,
So I’ll hold you and wait,
‘til your frightened eyes do close”

Ludwig joins you in the next verse, singing softly to Dieter, ruffling his hair.

”And someday you’ll know,
That nature is so,
This same rain that draws you near me,
Falls on rivers and land,
On forests and sand,
Makes the beautiful world in the morning.”

You closed your eyes and nuzzled against Dieter’s head as he began to sleep peacefully once more.

”Everything’s fine in the morning.
The rain’ll be gone in the morning.
But I’ll still be here, in the morning.”

His grip on you loosens; he has at last fallen asleep. You kissed him goodnight on the forehead and gently placed him between you and Ludwig. The dogs yawned and laid on the edge of the bed. You placed a securing arm around the sleeping child. Ludwig kisses you softly. “You are the best wife in zhe vorld.” He whispered.

You happily kissed him back. “Heh, I could have married your brother.” He laughs softly, “And I am very happy you’re not, _____.” He reached out and caressed your cheek. “Ich liebe dich mehr als sonst jemand konnte.” You smiled and snuggled in closer with your family. “Und Ich liebe dich auch…”

~The End~
I decided to take a short break from my spy story America x Reader chapter 2.

This was fun, writing this songfic. This is my 2nd songfic, mind you. And I am glad I wrote another one.

I was on Youtube, just listening to some music and I came across this song. I was listening to the lyrics and I was inspired to write this, for Germany.

Here's the link to the song: [link]

Hetalia/Germany doesn't belong to me, credit goes to Himaruya.
And you don't belong to me...but you do belong to Germany

Thanks for reading the songfic.
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Reading this reminded me of me and my mother but instead of singing me a lullaby she would tell me that it was just my grandfather (my mother's dad) was just bowling with some friends. So when I showed her the song.
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She said your grampa was bowling?
starwarriormizuki Featured By Owner Dec 1, 2013  Hobbyist Artist
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This is also adorable. I loved reading it. <3
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Awww that was the single best Daddy! Germany x Mommy! Reader I have EVER read! fangasiming
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